After wisdom teeth surgery

After wisdom teeth surgery

What you can expect after wisdom teeth surgery

The recovery time is usually just few days after wisdom teeth surgery. You should take some painkillers if you have pain, but use only those that your doctor/dentist prescribed to you. Based on remedy land you should bite at soft gauze pad frequently, and after those pads become soaked from saliva and blood change them. Your bleeding should stop after 24 hours, if it doesn’t you should call your dentist you have wisdom teeth dry socket. After anesthetic you will have a numb mouth, so be careful when talking or biting or you could bite the inside of your cheeks or lips and of course your tongue.

When you lay down, don’t lie flat, it can prolong some more bleeding, so to avoid that, you should bump up your head with an extra pillow. To reduce swelling you can use an ice pack on your cheek for initial 24 hours and a moist warm wash cloth that was soaked in warm water for the next 2-3 days. Don’t be nervous after wisdom teeth surgery, it can cause more unpleasant feelings, so stay calm.

After wisdom teeth surgery you can eat only soft and liquid fluids, such as pudding, gelatin, soup and after a while add little bit of solid foods to your daily diet so your healing will progress successfully. For the first couple of days you should completely avoid using a straw when you drink. Your blood cloth can be loosen and this can cause delay on healing.

You should regularly cleans your mouth according with warm water after first 24 hours, do this numerous times per day so you can reduce swelling and get rid of any pain you may have.

This part could be hard for heavy smokers, but you should avoid smoking for at least 24 hours right after your surgery. It’s the same problem as with a straw, sucking on cigarets can loosen up the cloth and again delay your healing. Not only that, but smoking can significantly decrease the blood supply and also you can catch some nasty germs and your wound could get infected.

Do not rub or touch your wound with your tongue nor should you touch it with your fingers. When brushing your teeth and tongue, be very exact and careful.